Beets Are Awesome…But Beware!

Hello all! I’m on summer vacation! Woo-hoo!

Health update: Went to the doctor. Thyroid is a little enlarged, so I had a gazillion vials of blood drawn, and I have an ultrasound of my thyroid scheduled for tomorrow. Energy levels slowly increasing, and I was able to do a kettlebell workout on Saturday – first time in the last month that I’ve had energy to do more than ride my bike. So that felt good. 21 Day Sugar Detox is going well, but on Friday one of my counselors made me and another gluten-free teacher a lemon meringue pie. The first time in six weeks I could have a baked good that someone brought into work. So of course I had a couple slices. It was a conscious decision, and not one fueled by the Sugar Monster. The GF beer I had once I got home was COMPLETELY fueled by the Sugar Monster, and that did not feel good. Back on the wagon, and it feels good.

Another quick post today. I’m busy trying to get ahead – I’m going on a road trip next week, so I want to write a few entries to have ready to post. Also, I’m working hard behind the scenes to launch my health coaching business, which includes making my website more user friendly, creating a FB page, and getting the details figured out regarding the types of programs I want to offer. It’s exciting to think about it all, but definitely a little overwhelming if I actually DO try to think about it all at once. But I’ve got a list, and things are getting done!

So – beets! They are one of the many new foods I’ve tried since the CSA started. And they are delicious – once cooked, they are soft, with a buttery texture and sweet flavor. They are known for having anti-inflammatory properties and are good for detoxification support. They’re an excellent source of folate (pregnant moms, take note!) and a good source of manganese, potassium and copper.*

I’ve grilled them, sauteed them, and this weekend, I made beet chips. Pro tip: use a mandolin to slice them super thin. I did not have my mandolin with me, and was stuck with a knife. I just didn’t have the time to cook them long enough to get them crispy. Therefore, they lacked in the “chip” part, but were still really tasty. And did you know that the greens growing out of the beets are delicious, too? Chop them, saute them, add them to an omelette or stir fry- yum! Seriously, go try them if you’ve never had them before!

But I feel it’s my…ahem…duty…to inform you of some possible side effects.

Beets are red. If you eat a lot of beets within a day, like I did, you might see that color in your toilet bowl later on. Yup, your urine or bowels may have a red tinge to them.

Called beeturia, it’s not harmful, and anywhere between 5-15% of U.S. adults may experience this. However, I’ve read that it could also be a sign of an iron deficiency. It could also be a sign of low stomach acid, which can lead to malabsorption of B12 and iron as well as cause acid reflux and heartburn. And if you have kidney or gallbladder issues, you may not want to eat the beet greens due to the high oxalate level.

Question for the readers: What new food have you tried lately?



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