A Step Forward

I’ve finally taken a step forward toward becoming a health coach. Yay! I’m SO excited!

I’m taking part in Dr. Axe’s new program, “Institute of Nutritional Leadership”. It fulfills a lot of what I’ve been looking for in a “beginner” (for me) program: business guidance, some basic nutrition foundation, coaching strategies, and, what was a bonus for me, essential oils training. (And when I say beginner program, by that I mean a short, relatively inexpensive program for me to test the waters before a jump into a longer, more expensive program.)

Tonight was the first business webinar, and I have so many ideas running through my head! But the biggest one relates to creating content and consistency. And I’ve been a naughty blogger! “What doesn’t get scheduled doesn’t get done” is a HUGE take-away for me, and I realized that I wasn’t truly scheduling consistent content.

And I realized perfectionism and imposter syndrome (“Who am I to give health advice?” constantly running through my head as I type) was getting in my way. I don’t need to be perfect, and I’m someone who regained a lot of health by making the switch to eating real food, so yes, I can give advice as to what worked for me! And I’m good enough! So there!

Lastly, I realized 1) Each entry does not, and should not, be a chapter of a novel, and 2) Writing isn’t my first love. What do I love? Helping people. Answering other people’s health questions. Teaching. Talking. So, how can I do that? My awesome boyfriend suggested doing some short youtube videos. And I’ve been afraid to try. Man, this mind REALLY likes to get in the way of my success!

So please, if you have a health/nutrition related question, leave a comment or fill out the contact form below with your question. You can be as specific or general as you want. For example, “I eat x, y, and z, and I’m hungry an hour later. What gives?” Or “I move more and eat less, but I haven’t lost any weight. Can you help?” I’ll answer your question in my very first video. Woohoo!

See you Monday!